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Hi! I’m Jay, a Photographer and Filmmaker based in Austin, TX with over 20 years of experience in photography, filmmaking, marketing, graphic design & web design.

A filmmaker equipped with complementary skills as an animator, photographer, podcast creator, and graphic designer represents an invaluable asset to any business team. Beyond the traditional role of crafting compelling narratives through film, this professional can bring a diverse set of tools to the table.

Their animation skills enable the team to visually communicate complex ideas, the photographic expertise adds a visually captivating dimension to marketing and branding efforts, podcast creation contributes to innovative content strategies, and graphic design proficiency ensures cohesive and visually appealing collateral.

This multifaceted skill set not only enriches the team's creative capabilities but also enhances communication, marketing, and overall brand presence, fostering a dynamic and competitive edge in today's business landscape.


People first, products and profits will follow.

The Motto Of Jerry Sanders, AMD’s Founder And Longest Running CEO

Intertwined Loops

Adventures in Photography & Film.

Come along for the journey.

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